Exercise 09.11: Body Text Variables


The goal of this assign­ment is to develop an under­stand­ing of the typo­graphic attrib­utes of align­ment of type. A sec­ondary aspect of this exer­cise is knowl­edge and under­stand­ing of when and how to use page lay­out soft­ware rather than other forms of software.


By chang­ing the vari­ables of type in small incre­ments, you will notice the dif­fer­ences between par­tic­u­lar type­faces and space settings.

Background Reading:

  • Kane, Text, p 76–113
  • San­toro, Ch 7, p 181–211


You will be assigned a type­face from the restricted list. Please use the text file “exer09_11_text.txt” for your copy.

Using the text given above, the com­puter and Adobe InDe­sign to pro­duce each of the four verses in your given type­face to the fol­low­ing specifications:

  • Page 1 Para­graph A — ranged (flush) left / ragged right
  • Page 2 Para­graph B — ranged (flush) right / ragged left
  • Page 3 Para­graph C — centered
  • Page 4 Para­graph D — justified

Each para­graph should be repro­duced eight times on each page and in the Reg­u­lar face to the fol­low­ing specifications:

(Point Size/leading in points; Track­ing % Em [Range Kerning]):

  • Para 1: 1012; 0
  • Para 2: 10/10; 0
  • Para 3: 1014; 0
  • Para 4: 1016; 0
  • Para 5: 1012; 0
  • Para 6: 1012; 5
  • Para 7: 1012; ‑5
  • Para 8: 1012; 10

Use the Grid Setup from below to cre­ate a mas­ter page for your entire doc­u­ment. Place the text blocks with the top edge on the rule: Para 1–2 on .5”, Para 3–4 on 3”, Para 5–6 on 5.5”, Para 7–8 on 8”. The text blocks should be the same width as the columns you have cre­ated and as long a nec­es­sary to fit the text. Once all of the pages and para­graphs have been com­pleted, print out each page on the b/w laser printer.

Place PDF doc­u­ment (sin­gle file, four pages) in the appro­pri­ate D2L dropbox.

Grid Setup

Begin a file and set up a let­ter size (8.5” x 11”) doc­u­ment with .5” mar­gins on all sides. Using the top right hand cor­ner as the zero loca­tion, set three (3) hor­i­zon­tal guides at 3”, 5.5”, and 8”. Set two (2) ver­ti­cal guides at 4” and 4.5”.


As defined by cor­re­spond­ing cal­en­dar item, drop­box, dis­cus­sion or con­tent topic description.


Mon­day, Octo­ber 26, 2020. Exer­cise given.

Wednes­day, Octo­ber 28, 2020. Exer­cise due, black and white prints. PDF in appro­pri­ate D2L dropbox.