Exercise 08.10: Introduction to Tinkercad


Develop an under­stand­ing of the fun­da­men­tal spa­tial and tech­ni­cal skills for cre­at­ing 3D models.


Cre­ate sev­eral basic 3D mod­els to uti­lize the con­cepts, tools and media that can be used to real­ize and develop con­cep­tual ideas.



Additional Inspiration Resources


Three dimen­sional soft­ware includes a wide range of fea­tures and need depend­ing upon the end use. Quite often these include pro­duc­tiv­ity and test­ing tools for man­u­fac­tur­ing, archi­tec­ture, engi­neer­ing as well as spe­cial­ized ren­der­ing and physics engines for devel­op­ing ani­ma­tions. The soft­ware needed for this exer­cise is a very basic ver­sion of com­plex mod­el­ing soft­ware dis­trib­uted my Autodesk. It is meant for STEAM related course­work, but is a quick and easy to learn the basics.

Part One

Cre­ate an account at Tin­ker­cad. Visit https://​www​.tin​ker​cad​.com/​j​oin and Cre­ate a Per­sonal Account. Once logged in you will arrive at the main screen which pro­vides links to tuto­ri­als, as well as model shar­ing aspects of the extended social net­work. Select “Cre­ate a New Design” and begin to explore the func­tion­al­ity of the software.

Save the file and reopen it. Close the file again.

Part Two

Cre­ate a new design again, and this time name it “xyz_art335_ex­er08-01.” Later in the exer­cise, this fill will be shared and sub­mit­ted for review.

Use the tools to cre­ate the following:

  • Cre­ate a shape, com­bine shape
  • Cre­ate and minus shapes
  • Dupli­cate shapes
  • Use text and key­board inputs
  • Curves and bevels
  • Revolve and extrude tools
  • Explode shapes
  • Import school
  • Cre­ate 3D heart
  • Import an .obj model
  • Import an black and white image.

In the top right hand cor­ner of the browser win­dow, use the “Export” but­ton and modal win­dow to cre­ate and down­load a .OBJ file for sub­mis­sion to the appro­pri­ate drop­box. In the same area of the browser win­dow, press the per­son icon to “Invite peo­ple to design with you.” Use the modal win­dow to “Gen­er­ate a link.” Copy and paste this link into the appro­pri­ate drop­box com­ments section.


Solid mod­el­ing, addi­tion and sub­trac­tion of shapes, import and export mod­els, extrude rotate, nav­i­gate a 3D mod­el­ing plane


Tin­ker­cad, Images, SVG, Adobe Illus­tra­tor, Pho­to­shop


As defined by cor­re­spond­ing cal­en­dar item, drop­box, dis­cus­sion or con­tent topic description.