Course Introduction 01.01: Required Materials


This goal of this infor­ma­tion is to define the sup­plies needed for the course.


San­toro, Scott; Guide to Graphic Design; Pear­son; First Ed, 2013. ISBN # 9780132300704

Kane, John; A Type Primer; Pren­tice Hall. Sec­ond Ed, 2011. ISBN # 9780205066445

Supplies — Digital

Supplies — Physical

These items are required for ART 218 Graphic Design I, and can be pur­chased if or as needed any­time through­out the semester.

  • USB drive (4 Gb minimum)
  • Portable hard drive (500GB min­i­mum) for file stor­age and archiving
  • Blank CD-Rs or DVD-Rs
  • Access to dig­i­tal still and video camera
  • Best Test Rub­ber Cement
  • Metal Ruler, with ink­ing edge (cut­ting)
  • C‑Thru Flex­i­ble Typesetter’s Ruler  (has lead­ing, type size, point rule, pica, point, and inch scales. It mea­sures  133⁄4” x 3” (35 cm to 8 cm).
  • Pro­por­tion wheel
  • White 20# copy paper 8.5 x 11” (500 sheets) and 11” x 17” (200 sheets) (can share)
  • Art Gum Eraser
  • Sharpie® Extra Fine Point Black
  • Sharpie® Fine Point Black
  • Assorted pen­cils 2‑H to 2‑B (not mechanical)
  • Pen­cil sharpener
  • X‑Acto #2 Knife A 5” long alu­minum han­dle with a #2 blade. Also takes blades  #18 through #28.
  • Util­ity Knife, Change­able blade is needed.
  • Funds for printing