Exercise 07.05: Golden Section


The pri­mary goal if this exer­cise is to cre­ate an InDe­sign file suit­able to lay­out of the inte­rior pages of a clas­sic book.


Cre­ate a grid based on the Golden Sec­tion using Kane’s A Typo­graphic Primer. Use InDe­sign to cre­ate a usable file.

Background Reading

  • Kane, p 106–117


The Golden Sec­tion is a prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion of clas­si­cal Greco-Roman visual pro­por­tions. Hav­ing an under­stand­ing of the rela­tion­ship between the math­e­mat­ics and visual geom­e­try is vital for cre­ative application.

Part One

Cre­ate a 6″ x 9″ four page InDe­sign doc­u­ment. On the Mas­ter Pages, cre­ate a new layer and draw the nec­es­sary diag­o­nals. Draw and size your text box and copy to both pages. Set your doc­u­ment mar­gins to match your new grid. Hide the layer con­tain­ing your lines. Insert auto page num­bers. Return to the main pages to con­firm page num­ber­ing. Save your file (if you have not already) and place a copy of the in the appro­pri­ate D2L dropbox.


  • The fol­low­ing rubric posted on D2L will deter­mine exer­cise score: Exer­cise Grading


Mas­ter Pages, mar­gins, pagination


Tem­plate file, InDesign


As defined by cor­re­spond­ing cal­en­dar item, drop­box, dis­cus­sion or con­tent topic description.