Exercise 09.08: Type as Kinetic Form


To under­stand how com­po­si­tional shots influ­ence view­ers emo­tional inter­pre­ta­tion of sub­ject matter.


Use shot com­po­si­tion to give the impres­sion a text char­ac­ter or let­ter­form has emo­tion or personality.



Select a let­ter­form or char­ac­ter and cre­ate a ten (10) sec­ond ani­ma­tion that is com­pos­ited in such a way as to leave an impres­sion with the viewer that the char­ac­ter has per­son­al­ity. The empha­sis is on anatomy, spa­tial rela­tion­ships, com­po­si­tional ele­ments, and forms. Non­lin­ear, life­like move­ment of forms, and sim­u­lated cam­era move­ments will be vital to gen­er­at­ing visual interest.

You are lim­ited to black and white only and no ele­ments out­side of the type­face or char­ac­ter set. Ani­ma­tion pre­sets, tran­si­tions and greyscale color per­mit­ted as part of move­ment (ie fade in or motion blur), but not as a graphic ele­ment. Your ani­ma­tion must include each of the fol­low­ing shot types at least one time:

  • Wide Shot
  • Medium
  • Close Up
  • Cut in or away

Bonus credit for videos that effec­tively use at least one of the fol­low­ing shots:

  • Birds eye
  • Cross­ing the line
  • Point of View

Part One

Map out a sim­ple sto­ry­board explore design options. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is essen­tial to defin­ing movement.

Part Two

Cre­ate com­po­si­tions for each shot. Gen­er­ally, leave at least one sec­ond of addi­tional time/animation at the begin­ning and end of each comp. The extra space will pro­vide some adjust­ment room for edits. Assem­ble each comp into an addi­tional ten (10) sec­ond comp and make the final edits.

Technical Specifications

Cre­ate the ani­ma­tions at the fol­low­ing settings:

  • File Size/Export Set­tings: HDTV 1080, 29.97fps
  • Ren­der Set­tings: Best and Out­put Mod­ule: H.264
  • 44.1kHz, 16 bit, 2 chan­nel audio
  • File name: xyz_art378_exer00_part00.mp4


  • The fol­low­ing rubric posted on D2L will deter­mine exer­cise score: Exer­cise Grading


sto­ry­board, sketch­ing, comps, editing


paper, pen­cil, type­face. edit­ing software


As defined by cor­re­spond­ing cal­en­dar item, drop­box, dis­cus­sion or con­tent topic description.

Based on Kinetic Typog­ra­phy: Let­ter Per­son­i­fi­ca­tion, Kras­ner, p 163.