Assignment 04.01: Professional Organization


The goal of this assign­ment is to inves­ti­gate the struc­ture of the stu­dent intern’s spon­sor­ing organization. 


The objec­tive of this assign­ment is to inten­tion­ally doc­u­ment the orga­ni­za­tion’s struc­ture, per­son­nel hier­ar­chy and phys­i­cal space. 

Background Reading

  • Perkins
  • Intern­ship types


By observ­ing and doc­u­ment­ing an orga­ni­za­tion’s oper­a­tions, you will have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how busi­nesses are man­aged. Your spon­sor is aware of this require­ment and should assist you with the find­ings. Make sure you intro­duce your ques­tions before mak­ing detailed inquiries. If your host refuses to par­tic­i­pate or prefers to keep por­tions of this infor­ma­tion pri­vate, doc­u­ment what you can and make note of his or her wishes in your state­ments. Please com­pare your spon­sor­ing orga­ni­za­tion to those out­lined in the Perkins book. 

Doc­u­ment your find­ings in the D2L Dis­cus­sion “Assign­ment 04.01: Pro­fes­sional Orga­ni­za­tion”. Select your name and “Com­pose” a new entry. Upload any nec­es­sary sup­port files. Please answer the fol­low­ing topics:

Part One

  • Who is the host organization?
  • What ser­vices does it offers?
  • Describe the fir­m’s mis­sion, goals and philosophies. 
  • What type of clients do they take?
  • If the orga­ni­za­tion’s pri­mary endeavor is not graphic design, describe what it does and how the design group fits into the over­all structure. 
  • How does design fit into the over­all actions of the organization?

Part Two

  • Explain the chain of com­mand for the dis­tri­b­u­tion and approval of projects.
  • Cre­ate a visual Orga­ni­za­tional Chart that iden­ti­fies per­son­nel, their role in the process and the author­ity structure. 
  • How does the orga­ni­za­tion operate?
  • Who are the per­son­nel? Pro­vide full names, images and job titles. 
  • What are the respon­si­bil­i­ties of each per­son? How do they interact?
  • Describe in-house design groups and per­son­nel rel­a­tive to the group and the super­vis­ing group of the larger com­pany (ie mar­ket­ing department). 

Part Three

  • Pro­duce a schematic dia­gram and descrip­tion of office operations. 
  • Where is the orga­ni­za­tion located?
  • What is the descrip­tion of the gen­eral area?
  • What are the build­ing details?
  • Show a floor plan of the office. 
  • Show how a typ­i­cal job moves from one area to another. 
  • Doc­u­ment the orga­ni­za­tion’s phys­i­cal set­ting with images, with pref­er­ence to spaces in use. Include cap­tions and names.


Obser­va­tion, nota­tions, inves­ti­ga­tion, writ­ing, diagraming


Com­puter, appro­pri­ate soft­ware, appro­pri­ate D2L discussions


First day of intern­ship. Assign­ment Given.

Last day of intern­ship. All Parts due for in appro­pri­ate D2L section.