Assignment 02.08: Kinetic Typography


To under­stand and appre­ci­ate the impli­ca­tions of using time as a fun­da­men­tal design element.


Cre­ate an ani­mated ver­sion of an text and audio pas­sage that high­lights the con­tex­tual mean­ing of prose through inten­tional use of motion lit­er­acy, design ele­ments, prin­ci­ples and creativity.

Background Reading


Find a piece of text that is a mono­logue from the above links. It can be prose or poetry, stage or screen­play, but prefer­ably some­thing that offers a range of emo­tions. Visu­ally rep­re­sent your selected text by express­ing the con­tent with typo­graphic ele­ments sequenced over a span of time, between 20 and 30 sec­onds and one minute. Care­fully con­sider the vari­ables listed below, as well as the rela­tion­ship of the spo­ken word to the vis­i­ble and dynamic word. No rep­re­sen­ta­tional images; how­ever, color, light, and tex­ture are permissible.

Con­sider your variables:

  • type­face, type­size, weight, color, tex­ture, focus, ori­en­ta­tion, location
  • entrance, per­for­mance, exit
  • sequence, speed, pac­ing, tran­si­tion, trans­for­ma­tion, time
  • tone of voice, emo­tion, feel­ing, atmos­phere, interpretation.

Read your text out loud sev­eral times to hear how it sounds. Parse and make nota­tions of the sequence and the rhythm of sounds and pauses. Visu­al­ize the sequence of sounds and pauses, and explore var­i­ous ways to visu­al­ize what you hear. Allow your solu­tion to emerge from your explorations.

Part One

Upon approval from the instruc­tor, develop a sto­ry­board that rep­re­sents the key frames of your ani­ma­tion. Scan illus­tra­tions or cre­ate dig­i­tal files for sub­mis­sion. Leave text sum­mary and images as part of a D2L dis­cus­sion post to the appro­pri­ate topic.

Part Two

Com­plete your ani­ma­tion using any nec­es­sary soft­ware and techniques.

Final out­put settings:

  • File Size/Export Set­tings: HDTV 1080, 29.97fps/Render Set­tings: Best and Out­put Mod­ule: H.264
  • File name: xyz_art378_exer07_30fps.mp4


  • The fol­low­ing rubric posted on D2L will deter­mine exer­cise score: Assign­ment 02.06: Kinetic Typography


Cre­ativ­ity, brain­storm­ing, plan­ning, exper­i­men­ta­tion, file hier­ar­chy, struc­ture, nam­ing conventions


Adobe After Effects, Pho­to­shop, Illustrator


Tues­day, March 10, 2020. Assign­ment Given

Tues­day, March 10, 2020. Text Selected, dis­cuss with instruc­tor via Dis­cus­sion Board.

Thurs­day, March 12, 2020. Part One Due, Scans or dig­i­tal sto­ry­board due to appropriate
D2L Dropbox.

Tues­day, March 24, 2020. Draft ani­ma­tion for Part Two Due.

Tues­day, March 31, 2020. Final ani­ma­tion for Part Two Due. Upload files to appro­pri­ate D2L Dropbox.

Based on Kinetic Typog­ra­phy by Dan Boyarski of Carnegie Mel­lon School of Design.